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Your first time diving? No worries, we got you covered! iOS 16.4

With our exclusive and private experiences you will be diving in in the underwaterworld calm and safely.

This course is also known as try dive and it's for all people aged 10 or older who want to dive for the first time.
Theory, practice, diving - it's that easy!

After a short theory part, which you can do comfortably from your phone, and a practice session on the basic skills, including mask cleaning and regulator which is taking place in shallow water, you'll be ready to begin your adventure.

Diving down to a maximum depth of 6 meters will give you a feeling like no other! iOS 13.1iOS 16.4

For all of our little explorers who can't wait to explore the underwater world we offer the Bubblemaker.

8 - and 9-year-olds will be able to do a little try dive up to 2 meters.
With theory, practice and supervised diving, your child will have the opportunity to experience diving in the safe zone of the area from the beach.

A reminder of a lifetime that's hard to beat!